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Re: 2 explosions at Boston Marathon, UPDATE: at least 2 dead, 23 injured

Originally Posted by star View Post
I don't know why that poster isn't getting coverage of the events in Syria in her country. This morning after reading her post, I opened my most recent copy of the news magazine I subscribe to, and it opened to the center of the magazine where there was a two page picture of a street in Aleppo with pictures and a story on the following pages. Here in the U.S. I read stories about Syria every week at the very least.
Well exactly. It gets coverage, but naturally the media is going to focus on stuff that has the greatest relevance to their readers.

It really pisses me off when people say that you're being a hypocrite because you care about this tragic event and not that tragic event. Whose right is it to dictate how people react emotionally to stuff? I don't call Castafiore a hypocrite because she sheds tears when her mother dies but not the stranger on the other side of the world.

Emotion =/= reason. You can believe that every life is equal, but care about some deaths more than others.
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