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Re: Do you know Travis Parrott?!

I would never call Graydon a whore. Period. End of discussion. That's not funny.

Back to Travis... He is from a tennis playing family in Georgia and I think his dad was a coach. He lives in the Atlanta area now. He went to university in Oregon, but I'll have to go look up the name since I can't remember it at the moment. I met Travis when he started playing doubles with JMG (LA, 2003 - they won their first tournament together). He seems to be kind of quiet and laid back and a little bit shy. I met his girlfriend this year in San Jose, she is going to be traveling with him for most of this season. He's currently ranked in the top 50 in Doubles, and he's pretty good, in my opinion. What I know of him, he is a good guy.
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