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Re: 2 explosions at Boston Marathon, UPDATE: at least 3 dead, 144 injured

Originally Posted by MachineGun View Post
This is obviously awful and all. I hope things like that would never happen; but it's just the over-idealistic side of me that could think this way.

But something I find more terrorising than terrorism itself is the fact that hundreds of people could be killed in a airplane crash in Uzbekistan, nobody would be talking about it. Only because it happened in Uzbekistan.
I think every country just gives TOO MUCH importance to what could happen in the United States. Well... I know: History, money, power, blah blah blah. But it's irritating, unfair and unjustifiable.
Airplane crash is a tragic accident. It may be because of human error or ignorance, but nevertheless, an accident.

The incident in Boston is a planned terrorist attack. Some human being planned and created bombs purposely to kill and hurt as many human beings as possible.

Boston Marathon is an international event. The many flags flying where the first bomb exploded represent countries of the athletes.
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