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Re: Favourite Heavy Metal Music Thread

Originally Posted by mwirmm View Post
Thought id put in my 2 cents, not sure if these bands were mentioned yet

Isis - Great post metal group, excellent for a chill-out sesh alone at home

The Ocean Collective - Dark but clean sound, with above decent production.

Gordion Knot - Amazing instrumental metal band with the basist from Cynic

Cynic - Amazing prog-metal band with some incredible guitar work

And lastly, Karnivool. An extremely talented Australian prog rock/metal band. Deserves a listen.
I have Isis final record, best one they did, post-metal, wtf, they are still metal, they are sludgy, doomy, proggy, droney, metal:


GK, not really metal, more prog rock for sure, not my thing.

Cynic are like technical jazz death metal, don't usually like when bands are this technical, I much prefer the later Death records to this:


Karnivool are prob more rock than metal, a fair bit of Floyd going on here, some Tool and lesser known band Oceansize too, I think they are alright, don't quite match up to Tool though, here's their best which I have:


TT stats site:

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