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Re: 2013 Spring European Clay Season, Allez!

Originally Posted by mike s. View Post
On the other hand, I'm embarrassed to admit but it's hard for me to get too upset about this loss because Davis Cup means absolutely nothing to me. I'm just not really that nationalistic when it comes to tennis. I'm only upset because Gilles cared and I'm worried it might affect the rest of his clay season. I hope he uses this as motivation to prove the commenters and critics wrong and have his best French Open yet. A QF is unlikely but would be a great achievement.
Well, me too, not too big on DC. I canít cheer for anyone just because of the flag on their shirts, it is always the person that I care for that I cheer for. Thatís why NBC has to produce those cheesy athlete profile pieces in their Olympics coverage, knowing that ppl care more if you know the athlete as a person, not just a random countryman.

Letís hope what doesnít kill him makes him stronger. I think he will. He grew up hearing ppl telling him that he wouldnít made it to pro tennis, then when he made it, ppl told him he wouldnít go far, he went far, then ppl told him he wouldnít make it to the top, he made to 6. I think thatís why heís so stubborn on DC, and I donít think heíll back down on DC as long as they let him in. I have no belief in him for DC, but I have as much belief as I ever have in him that the best is yet to come (once he sort out his physical, and his serve). I think he has the mind to push himself to keep wanting more. Okay, maybe he wonít make it back up to Top 6, but I think a significant title is still possible.
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