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Re: Maggie Thatcher died today

Some of the strongest pro-Capitalist views come out of people who were forced to live under Communism until the revolutions across Europe in the late 1980s that ultimately led to the fall of the USSR.

That's understandable - I don't think we who didn't go through that can quite understand how despicable Communism was as lived by the ordinary person, how restrictive, how crushing, how grim. It's no wonder Capitalism is seen as a great thing, embodying freedom, choice, self-reliance and less Government.

What's missing from that is the fact that Capitalism no more has all the answers for how society should live and organise itself than Communism did. It might be a better system, but it still has great flaws and we've seen since 2007/8 in close-up just how bad some of those flaws are.
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