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Re: Maggie Thatcher died today

It is rare to see someone so convinced they are always right like Thatcher. She was the true offshoot of the 19th century politics (including imperialism and all that), so there was little truly original in her ways. But she was a lady. Iron Lady. She was the continuation of the likes of Churchill, embodiment of the uniquely British conservative spirit with a peculiar contempt for the poor and selfishness in dealing with other nations. (something like - you Germany and the rest of Europe can go straight to hell as long as I'm fine etc)

When you couple the aforementioned with the sense of self-righteousness and even moral superiority, you have a powerful combo that previously ruled half of the world.

Her hatred for the poor would drive me to the verge of comedy, to think of it now she resembled a caricature from a cartoon. That she managed to successfully employ 19th century politics at the end of 20th century is a true feat.

There are so many British rock songs against her, her rule coincided with punk music, I wouldn't know where to begin if I wanted to post a video...

Maggie, you were a witch on a broomstick if ever there was one, but honestly I could never hate you. In your defence, you were for a brief period the right woman at the right place. You had a long and successful life, you were a global political leader and will never be forgotten.


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