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Re: Maggie Thatcher died today

Originally Posted by rocketassist View Post
You must be pretty one-dimensional if you think her entire path was the 'only way' though. She could have found more of a middle ground instead of a complete shift towards the South East and leaving up north fucked.

3.5m were unemployed, an all-time high. No jobs were created up here.

The current government is actually going to go far beyond her.

And we revile her here not just for that but for the way she allowed her boot boys to get away with the Hillsborough smear- the biggest cover-up in UK political history. Her and Sir Bernard Ingham went along with it. For that, there really is no defence, not even from the right.
I never said she was perfect. But her overall legacy was positive, and anybody who says different is not viewing the situation in an even-handed manner.

A fair assessment would be to say that she did what was necessary, but probably in an unnecessarily harsh manner. She was tough, uncompromising and utterly ruthless. It is what Britain needed at the time, even if she had her flaws.
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