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Re: Eliminate the Permaban - Jelena

Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
here I support Samo. It is the only logical decision when you eliminate the permaban to also allow those posters again posting. Maybe not immediately, but when their bans according to the new system are over.

All permabanned members should be brought back, if they have served the time.

If they are destined to be banned again, trust me, it won't take long. But permaban is too much, it is not fair.

However, why are:

Moderator Bashing
Editing a mod's changes
Posting for banned member
Inappropriate language
Forum Disruptions

all bannable offenses? They are all very objective as to what is or is not. If a poster is banned, hopefully this period of moderator-user feedback is continuous, so we always have a way of finding out what happened and trying to right an injustice if necessary, and not closed soon and then we go back to "The Sopranos" style.

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