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Re: Eliminate the Permaban - Jelena

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
bc i have no idea how Someone could use that as a metaphor
Because they like being dramatic?

It's not even close to being a death penalty.

Originally Posted by Slasher
if users make such threads and remember the lost users like they were "dead", than this metaphor is allowed, Bulldog and Amber.
I'm not against using that metaphor as such but it's just not correct to me.

Example for why I think "death" is wrong to use as a metaphor for being permabanned on one forum on the worldwide web :
My twin sister died a long time ago. As much as I would love to get into contact with her, I can't. She stopped existing.
If I want to talk to Mikey, there would be ways to contact him (he's active on msn for starters).

Comparing a permaban on one forum with death is ludicrous.
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