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Re: Eliminate the Permaban - Jelena

I Dont find it the same bc in here u get a few chances, in life u rarely get another chance.
all the per-bans were ban a few times b4, it didnt help.

i must say im more close to George, if things that were said in here would have been said in the israeli forum or another forum who im not active just reading those ppl would have got a per ban long time ago.

I honestly do not understand what the problem with: Do not attack others, not to insult others based on religion or gender or blame players in doping?
I dont think mug or clown are Insults and i know things can be said in the heat of the momemt but after the "post reply' u have time to edit ur words, i think some ppl think they are knights in a Battle between the played and thats a shame bc this is just a tennis forum...

Hug it out as long as it takes, people
"People were created to be loved
things were created to be used.
The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved, and people are being used."

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