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Proposed Rule Changes Thread


• Post any suggestion that you may have to improve MTF in a new thread here. The suggestions will be moved to this post so that everyone can see the suggestions. If your suggestion is long, you may be asked to create a brief summary of it.
• Moderator bashing will be deleted and infracted as per Rule 11.
• Posting about “unfair” infractions that you have received in the past will be deleted and infracted as per Rule 19.
• The current rules can be found here.

As suggestions are created this thread will look like the following to ensure that all members are aware of the suggestions.

Rule Change Proposal #1

Representation of the global regions in the mods camp.

Rule Change Proposal #2

Eliminate the Permanent Ban

Rule Change Proposal #3

Keep the Permanent Ban

Rule Change Proposal #4

Moderators Look Back at Old Posts in Closed Threads

Rule Change Proposal #5

Objectivity and Consistancy

Rule Change Proposal #6


Rule Change Proposal #7

Moderator Elections

Rule Change Proposal #8

Bring Back the ACC

Rule Change Proposal #9

Return the Roasting Threads

Rule Change Proposal #10

Change Moderating Style

Rule Change Proposal #11

Accumulation of Infractions

Rule Change Proposal #12

Forums run by Democracy

Rule Change Proposal #13

Bigger Pictures

Rule Change Proposal #14

Get Context for Warnings and Infractions

Rule Change Proposal #15

Uttering Threats

Rule Change Proposal #16

Bashing Players

Rule Change Proposal #17

Doping Allegations Punishment

Rule Change Proposal #18

Moderation Feedback

This thread will remain until April 15th, at which time, the suggestions will be discussed by the moderators and administrators. Moderators and administrators may choose to ask other members about their opinions or reasons for wanting certain changes. The process will be reviewed at that time to decide what will happen in the future. People will still be able to suggest changes.

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