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Re: Change of banning rules debate

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
I missed this post earlier. Spot, especially the bits I bolded.

I find it highly amusing that some moderators seem genuinely surprised/shocked that the moderating staff is not respected around here. Amusing, yet it pretty much encapsulates everything that's wrong with this so-called moderation on MTF, exposing their complete lack of empathy (if they genuinely don't understand why members are dissatisfied).
Your ad hominem attacks on the moderators are derailing this thread, not it being moved to whatever subforum or all this juvenile nonsense about moderator "powers."

Moderators are cops, enforcing rules that they did not create. This thread was created to discuss bans and specifically the permaban. There's nothing wrong with looking at existing rules/laws and seeing if they can be made better. It's not an "attack" on anyone; no system or community is perfect -- there's always room for improvement. Slasher and others are trying to make MTF better. You're just using all this as a platform to take shots at moderators.

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