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Re: Change of banning rules debate

Originally Posted by SliceAce View Post
These quotes reveal everything you'll ever need to know about the MTF moderation team:

Ridiculous. The problem is that one of the few posters who actually contributes to this forum, with no infractions, feels he could be banned at any time. Whether this is "true" or not (and how you believe, as a mod with unlimited powers, you're in any position to judge whether his feelings are justified is a mystery) is irrelevant, that many feel this way is the real problem. The mods have failed to make the userbase feel confident in the moderation team and the fairness of the rules, and the mods blame the userbase as usual. Slasher is threatening to leave this forum, and rather than understand this is a problem (unless you would like to run the rankings thread), you accuse him of paranoia, insult him, and move his thread with no justification. We're lucky he took the place of the last guy who did the rankings thread, but even someone like him (and masterclass who posts good posts) isn't enough for you to actually pay attention. You'd rather feel self-righteous while everyone who doesn't troll 24/7 leaves. That'll give you your pretext to ban even more people I guess.

Once again the same thing taken to absurdity. You acknowledge that the forum is a disaster at the moment, GM being full of trolls, and the userbase revolting against the mods. You then blame the userbase and treat posters as invaders, unable to be reasoned with. Here's a news flash. You have unlimited powers. You and the other mods have created the structure of this forum, the environment people feel like they are posting in, and whether this forum is worthy of effort. "The state" of the forums is 100% your doing, you need to take some responsibility rather than calling for even harsher punishments!

Lenders has repeatedly stated that the main problem is the userbase feels they are excluded from decision making, have no recourse against an arbitrary and severely enforced set of rules, and you have responded with a distrust of the userbase to make collective decisions, a criticism of "innocent until proven guilty" and democratic forms working on this forum, and a persecution complex about "every decision being questioned" as if you do not have complete power. Who are you kidding here? That you don't trust us is the problem, if you don't like the userbase of MTF what exactly is the point of moderation? But please, spare us the persecution complex.

Lenders has pointed out the problems with the moderation, but I'll point out why these problems exist:

1. The mod team is a clique and defends each other, even when they do not agree with a decision. This form of the "code of silence" is common in groups of authority figures.

2. The mods do not trust the userbase. Fundamentally, the idea of democracy is unacceptable because the mods do not believe the userbase is capable. That this has never been put to the test is irrelevant. It's far too late, it's now a vicious cycle where people troll because they do not feel empowered and the mod team becomes more strict and less trusting.

3. The rules are robotically enforced. Whether this is a matter of lack of effort on the mods part, the kind of personality modship attracts, or a genuine belief in the correctness of the rules is a matter for speculation.

4. The mods believe token resistance is acceptable. I'll attribute this one to incompetence over malice, I believe some of the mods genuinely believe they are giving us a chance to respond to decisions in this thread and the Corey Feldman thread. They are wrong, this thread never had a chance of changing anything, and any thread which does not fit into the narrow confines of acceptable resistance is deleted, moved, or the OP banned. This thread serves the function of defusing anger and distracting the issues, as has happened in both threads. A mod successfully turned the Feldman thread into a personal dispute with Johnny Groove, and another mod turned this thread into an attack on Slasher by page 1. Ok, maybe I should attribute this to malice.

5. The mods believe themselves to be impartial. I dunno what to even say here, they are obviously wrong and many mods are just as biased in GM threads as the worst trolls. You'd think the mods would understand that since they are drawn from the regular userbase, they are not somehow superior or different, but mods genuinely think there is a qualitative difference between a regular poster and a mod.

This post is addressed to other users and not the mods, I don't expect they'll take it well nor do I expect to respond to them.
I missed this post earlier. Spot, especially the bits I bolded.

I find it highly amusing that some moderators seem genuinely surprised/shocked that the moderating staff is not respected around here. Amusing, yet it pretty much encapsulates everything that's wrong with this so-called moderation on MTF, exposing their complete lack of empathy (if they genuinely don't understand why members are dissatisfied).

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