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Re: Change of banning rules debate

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
You said "It seems like almost no one on MTF ever studied law", so I reponded there are lawyers post on this site.

You have your opinion and I respect that. I just express my opinion that this is the right place for this thread and I put my reason behind that.

Also, I do not agree with you on how the moderators are doing their job here. I may not agree with some of the decisions and how some bans were carried out but they are not as bad as you described here.
It is your opinion that this thread should be in a place of the forum where it gets less attention that where it was getting plenty of discussion. Moving the thread pretty much killed off the discussion.

Also, that MTF is not moderated is not an opinion, it's a fact. If anyone thinks otherwise, it just shows they don't know what the word means. Acting like glorified bots detecting infractions and enforcing pre-set rules and bans is not moderation. What the moderators do on his website is supervision at best.

Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
If the issue matters to you, you will take the "extra effort" (moving your computer mouse to the scrollbar and finding the bottom of the page, I guess ) to go to the other subforum. In a virtual environment, what makes one "place" more convenient than another? It's not like you have to walk to it.

People like to complain but when someone says "go line up to vote" or "come out to a town hall meeting and make your voice heard" or "go to the rally" then it's like "oh, that's so inconvenient, so much work... oh look, Amazing Race is on TV."

Like those people who can't be bothered to go and vote once in 4 years. Everyone wants change so long as they don't have to exert themselves.
Most MTF posters are probably not even aware that this section of the forum exists, it is evidently one of the forum sections that gets the least activity. Good luck getting any discussion involving many members going here.

As if that was not enough, the disappearance of the thread in NT made many, including myself, believe the thread had been deleted, only when I checked my reps and clicked on a repped post did I discover the thread had been moved. At the very least, a warning that this thread had been moved here should have been put,

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