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Re: Change of banning rules debate

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
What are you on about? There were lots of complaints about this thread being in the wrong section, weren't there? Oh wait, there weren't any. The reason moderators are generally disrespected here has nothing to do with adhering or not adhering to the rules, the reasons were outlined before but I can sum them up again:

-they take big decisions that affect the forum and its members in a significant way unilaterally, without giving members a chance to voice their views;

-they make zero effort to get along with posters for the most part, and feel like distant figures laying down the hammer from a distance;

-the first two reasons can be summed up as: zero empathy.

These are the main reasons. I re-emphasize that moderators are not supposed to be glorified bots detecting infractions and enforcing rules blindly, the degree to which they enforce the rules will have very little, if any, bearing in how respected they are. Their activity is actually counterproductive, it breeds disrespect/contempt, which in turn breeds in more trolling. If what you're saying about one of the admins being a lawyer is true, it only makes it worse because it means there are absolutely no excuses for this mindless activity that passes around here as moderation.
You said "It seems like almost no one on MTF ever studied law", so I reponded there are lawyers post on this site.

You have your opinion and I respect that. I just express my opinion that this is the right place for this thread and I put my reason behind that.

Also, I do not agree with you on how the moderators are doing their job here. I may not agree with some of the decisions and how some bans were carried out but they are not as bad as you described here.
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