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Re: Rising Francesco vol. 18 - no more mocking of "Serie D vs Serie A"

Originally Posted by Wing Man Frank View Post
Joe, what are you actually doing to annoy people? I don't get it. You get wound up too easily but you come across as being extremely harmless and quite a nice person?
Well you know that this forum has a lot of Federer fans right, including Javi himself?

Well, when I joined the forum, I didn't like the fact that certain fed fans, or tards as I call them, were being massive hypocrites in their opinions and postings. Not his real fans, but the cocky direspectful type, people like that Honestly guy who is now banned. Since they were making a lot of posts that were negative towards other top players, as well as complaining about how Fed was so hard done by, I decided to stand up to them, and make my opinion known. I felt as if these people thought they were superior to other fans, they were constantly mocking other fanbases, and other players, yet crying like little girls, and I didn't like it. I gave them a few home truths, gave examples of some of the bad things Federer had done in his career, and whilst I've never been a fan of fed but never hated him either, these people were calling me a hater etc. So it was getting worse and worse. I got a few warnings and infractions on my CP, so I decided to stop doing the fedtard calling out non stop. I realized although there wasn't technically any thing wrong with what I was doing, my comments might offend the true fed fans. So now I make a few negative comments about fed, but only when I feel it's neccesary, for example when the fedtards were trolling Haas defeated Djokovic thread, but generally I'm respectful.

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