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Re: Rising Francesco vol. 18 - no more mocking of "Serie D vs Serie A"

Originally Posted by Wing Man Frank View Post
It's cool dude, I know what I SHOULD do, but I have a hard time following rules so we shall see. Sometimes I can't help insulting others, I just do it. I don't mean to be rude, but when someone is being an idiot, I tell them that they are. Obviously that doesn't work with this site!

I like this place as some of the posters are good to talk too, but I dislike the way this place is moderated by some.

You seem like a nice bloke so I have no issues with anything you say to me and I never will.

Just need this man flu to go away. Was begging for the clock to hit 5pm today so I could get out of the office.
That's what I said man. Don't change how you are because pretending to be someone else is ridiculous. Just keep it in line but for now those lines are very thin right now. You know you have had some infractions before, that's mainly because people in GM report you so I suppose you have already built up some 'haters' here. When they do report you and it's valid than the moderator team is shackled and must send out another infraction, even though I know you don't care about that.

And I agree, I liked it way better too a couple of years back but that's just the change. I have my periods where I feel like 'old times' again but I guess people just move on too. For now these chat threads do contain a lot of friends of mine and I want to know what's going on from time to time.

I'd never say something negative about you because your posts have never annoyed or offended me. I get along with a posters who have been a lot worse in GM but have been proven to be sane and intelligent posters outside of GM. Maybe that's the entire problem of this forum, we need to look at some posts a little bit more lightly.

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