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Re: Rising Francesco vol. 18 - no more mocking of "Serie D vs Serie A"

Originally Posted by EnriqueIG8 View Post
yeah, I can nothing but agree with that. there are much worser posters, especially in GM, who walk around freely and unpunished. besides that I'm not really fond of the whole permaban thing either but that point aside, maybe some people who feel 'attacked' or 'offended' should be a little more strong in those cases and not cry about every single post.

Right now we are going to have a snowball effect probably, lots of people mad because of this ban so they will be reporting more and more and if that's according to the rules the moderators should hand out more infractions as well.
how would it be if the mods simply read threads and react without any earlier notification of an offensive post (aka without anybody reporting a post)? I'm quite sure that only a little fraction of the users actually uses the report button (otherwise Raging Lamb wouldn't have it in his signature), but there are often posts that are quoted by a huge part of the actual thread and those quotes show disagreement (to say it generally). So why not simply take action on a post a big part of the users in a thread disagree with?

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