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Re: Change of banning rules debate

Originally Posted by Vinceremo View Post
^ amen, but that would require a different mindset and maybe even a 'fresh start' from their (mods) approach on how to deal with those type of posters and apply the rules and sanctions, plus warnings with the right timing.

while we are on topic, I truly think you would be a good moderator George.
Of course, Antonio. The forum does need a fresh start, if achieving a more pleasant place to spend time is the objective of the moderation policies.

I'm not surprised you think I'd make a good moderator, because I already moderate on another forum. I apply the same thinking as I have outlined above, and I don't have an unpleasant time doing it. Stricter application of the rules means that the only active users are ones who truly are there to talk about the subject matter. No full-time trolls like there are on here. I've no doubt that's mostly due to the fact that a mathematics and physics forum is not an attractive place to troll compared to a tennis forum, but we do get people joining who want to cause trouble, and once we realise that they aren't contributing anything, they get zapped. No leniency.

I have absolutely no interest in moderating this website though, it's a different animal. I respect these guys who moderate because it's a hard job. Not a lot of people will understand until they've done it. And what I would add is that I imagine that because this forum isn't exclusive, in that tennis is quite an accessible subject matter, a lot of different kinds of people join. That creates friction, which means more moderation is needed. It's tough, so I urge everyone else to think twice before mindlessly bashing them. By all means, offer constructive thoughts though.
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