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Re: Change of banning rules debate

Originally Posted by star View Post
I have no problem with strict moderation, but this board is not strictly moderated. I mean for god's sake a moderator was running the ACC. There are myriad threads made up just to bash players. Posters constantly say rude things to each other. Obscenities are commonplace.

So, sometimes the moderators crack down and sometimes they don't. Then you are told that you should report offensive posts, but in private, moderators complain about posters who report and don't want to encourage reporting. It's a conundrum.

And in support of Lee about Aspergers -- it isn't just that a person might have the syndrome, but that someone's brother or child or aunt or best friend might suffer and it hurts a bit.
Exactly, not only do I want stricter moderation, I want consistency and transparency with as much of the moderators' actions as possible. Yes, they will get it wrong sometimes, but there's no doubt that they could do a better job than they are doing now.
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