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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

Originally Posted by Topspinfetishist View Post
I have to say that I'm surprised how many on this thread lament the weakness of their serves. The 3 most important shots in tennis are the serve, return of serve and cross court groundstrokes, in that order. If you are committed to your game, those shots are what you should be spending your practice time on. Mastering those shots is what will pay the highest dividends in match play. My serve is my best shot and my biggest weapon. It is nice to know that if you serve well, it's almost impossible to be broken.
It´s not quite that simple, it depends on the level you play in. In professional tennis, the importance of serve is huge. But at club level (where I assume most of the people here play), going for big serves rarely pays dividends. Having variety and good placement is obviously nice to have, but the importance of serve is really not that big. I would guess that the reason many people see their serve as weakness is because they think too much about the speed or number of aces. High 1st serve % and variety are actually more important. Whatever the shot, minimising errors is the most important thing at lower levels of the game.
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