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Re: Rising Francesco vol. 18

Originally Posted by Nikki♥ View Post

I'm so angry right now. I wrote a nice message on FB saying something like "Soon things will go better for you again" and "I know that sometimes you want to be left alone when you are dealing with problems" and what was the reply? I wasn't doing bad, I was just tired. Of course, just a few hours before his random outburst of grumpyness, he had told me that he was worried about many things. He might think now that I'm either crazy or just a nosey psychologist digging too deep into his mind but guess what? I don't regret it. Merely told him what my conclusion was based on and ta-da. He read it this morning, not really expecting a reply. Whatever. I hate what I'm getting for being helpful and trying to cheer people up. Either sarcastic comments about my long-distance relationship, my kindness or just a lie like "I was just tired". Maybe it was just a macho intent to hide true feelings, men hate being vulnerable after all. Blah.

Sorry, needed to let off some steam. Now I go to the gym, then to work and then I should feel better.
Sometimes you cannot do right for doing wrong in some people's eyes. Maybe it was, but still, that kind of reply wasn't necessary. And there wasn't any need to reply at all if he knew he was going to say something hurtful. Next time Nikki keep your very best intentions for those who truly deserve them.

Real men have singlehanded backhands.

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nike could use this sentence:
dont need fed
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Now I really don't know how to keep my eyes
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My life is complete, seeing JayR somewhat annoyed and angry at Clutch. Giddy. Not that i hate anyone.

Just I can't fathom JayR to be spitie little rascal when it needs.
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