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Re: Rising Francesco vol. 18 - open for posters who took a break

Originally Posted by cobalt60 View Post
Loved the grounds of Oxford and Cambridge. Nice cities as well. I want to head back to England again and travel around visiting Scotland as well.
Yeah, the cities are great. They're very small, which helps.

Originally Posted by Prodigy. View Post
Yeah you're right, you don't have to be amazingly clever, but I don't think I'd ever be able to push myself hard enough to get to the standards they need for entry. I mean, not to be cocky here, but I do consider myself intelligent in a way, but I think I've always struggled to apply myself when it comes to School etc.... I haven't done extremely bad by anyone's standards, but I was always content with what I got in terms of grades, usually B's and C's, and I never aimed higher when looking back on things I know if I had aimed higher and maybe revised properly I would have done so much better. I think part of it was down to always letting work get on top of me, and when I worked my ass off in an exam and got a worse result than I thought I'd get, I'd put myself down rather than re applying myself to do better the next time.

Enjoy your visit to Cambridge, not had the chance to visit there, and don't know much about it, but I'm sure it's great.
I always let work get on top of me, I can't motivate myself to work hard for the whole academic year, but when it comes to the exam season, I realise that I need to lock myself away, stop wasting my time online, and start studying. It always works, if you have the capacity to push yourself very hard in the weeks leading up to the exam.

A lot of people aren't happy at Oxbrudge though, so I don't think people should have regrets. If yiu're doing something you love, then so much the better.

Thanks, I'm sure I'll love it there.
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