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Re: Is female on male sexual assault possible in your mind?

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
So if a woman drag a men or is more strong them him and he clearly dont want to have sex for u that doesn't mean ****? What is a men? A tool that is really on comment to have sex any time any where a woman wants him?

I totally disagree.

Woman can **** but the chances if that is much more small and rare but stole imam can raise other men or woman.

Anytime someone touches u or ur sexual organs its sexual assault in my eyes.
He's also forgot about the scenario of a guy or guys restraining the guy whilst the women works her magic.

Though, like I said for biological reasons it's unlikely, but you never know. Half the time men wake up with an erection in the morning. It's perfectly possible he could be wake up to sex, probably more possible than the other way around when you consider the location/accessability of the relevant organs on each anatomy (trying to keep the thread p-g ish)

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