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Re: Is female on male sexual assault possible in your mind?

Originally Posted by sexybeast View Post
Once a girl had sex with me when I was kind of sleeping, well we had sex previously in the night but I pretty much woke up with her on top of me. I thought to myself that this would be called **** if I had done the same, but then reminded myself that this is a bloody brilliant way to wake up for any man and only a fool would complain.

Sex does not mean the same for the two genders and the one who penetrates doesnt get traumas from doing so against his consent, so I really dont think a woman can **** a man unless she uses a dildo.

The same deal goes for beeing "sexually abused" by a teacher, a 13-14 year old boy who gets to have sex with his teacher is bloody fortunate guy and is not the same as if it happened the other way around. Sex is pretty much always a win-win situation for men, except when it happens in prison.
So if a woman drag a men or is more strong them him and he clearly dont want to have sex for u that doesn't mean ****? What is a men? A tool that is really on comment to have sex any time any where a woman wants him?

I totally disagree.

Woman can **** but the chances if that is much more small and rare but stole imam can raise other men or woman.

Anytime someone touches u or ur sexual organs its sexual assault in my eyes.

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