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Re: Rising Francesco vol. 18 - open for posters who took a break

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
Why? Because in getting their degree (in English, History or any other decent course for that matter), they've shown that they are capable of doing the work. They probably would have had a taxing three years studying, developing all the skills they would need to succeed. I mean how long would it take to teach anyone how to do a job in that industry? Not particularly long, I don't think. So the main thing should be showing that you are talented and capable, rather than willing to study that subject in an 'academic' sense.

Just my thoughts.
Valid point, good to hear a well balanced perspective from someone on this kind of thing. I've had people say Media etc are joke courses before, but not ever backed up their opinion, or defended their opinion, just been arrogant and cocky towards those studying the subject. I do think your right about there being a better way into the Media Industry, if there was a work based course kind of thing, which offered employment from leaving School, it would save quite a lot on government resources funding these kind of things.

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