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Re: Rising Francesco vol. 18 - open for posters who took a break

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
What's the point in sitting at school for an extra two years doing those kind of subjects, which require a much more hands-on approach?

In my opinion, those subjects shouldn't exist at school. There should be opportunities for post-GCSE students to go and take an external course in those subjects. I don't see how learning it at school or at a sixth firm college can particularly help? Perhaps you can enlighten me as someone who has taken one of these A Level courses.
I actually agree with you here to be honest. I mean, at GCSE level, I think it's good to get experience in it, so practical based subjects are good optional choices, for the last 2 years of your secondary school life. But I think by 16 most people know what they want to do, and rather than Sixth Form, there should be work based learning things to get into the media. I mean I did enjoy Media in Sixth Form, and I enjoy it now at University, but I'd much rather be out there working at 16 if you get what I mean? 4 extra years when I could be working my way up into a company already if the system wasn't so strange. I mean if I had it my way, I'd even have subjects like Maths, Science etc as options for GCSE. I never really liked Maths, and apart from the basics, I never really understood the importance of it, I mean I'm never going to need to know why e=mc2 in the career path I'm taking am I

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