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Re: Rising Francesco vol. 18 - open for posters who took a break

Originally Posted by The Bulldog View Post
I think it's per year, but I'm not sure, nor do I care exactly how much it is. The thing I care about is the government going out of their way to make education more expensive, when Britain as a country is in desperate need of talented and well-educated people coming through.

Media Studies is a joke for sure, as is Sociology. Psychology is okay, but certainly not one of the more taxing A Level courses.

Yes, you are right about the maximum tuition fee rise having benefits, but I think it has come at the wrong time. In the current climate, we need to make it easy enough for anyone talented enough to get to university, no matter their financial constraints, without the hassle of this revamped and over-complicated tuition fee loan system.
So you think courses like Media Studies should not exists? I'm not disagreeing with you here but as someone who did a Media Studies and Film studies course, it would be cool to hear the main reasoning as to why many people who haven't done those courses think they are a joke. What would you feel would be a better pathway for people wanting to work in the media, rather than A Level's and degrees? Something like an apprenticeship do you think?

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