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Re: Male Player Bulges

Originally Posted by jktoooo View Post
Get a life!!!!! Please!!! If murray has the only BULGE worth looking at, why are some of you people telling us NOT to post it?

really? stop acting righteous about the "purpose" of this thread. It is what it is. If Andy is the only bulge worth looking at, and you all wanna go look at other people, then go to those other peoples thread that lack the bulge. it that difficult to understand?

Murray almost ALWAYS bulges....therefore, he will be posted in the "Male Player Bulges" thread QUITE A BIT.

Gosh...can't stand some of you people.
Originally Posted by jktoooo View Post
only kat_YYZ and ashlar are trying to tell us what we can't post, which is Andy BULGE stuff.

These two are MOERAWNS who can't accept that others are hot, even those who they don't deem as hot maybe hot to others.
what part of "so I'm not going to complain about Murray pics" in my post do you not understand?

you are illiterate or extremely rude or both.

Originally Posted by Offland View Post
I'm not good in interpreting posts then as far as I've understood , it's perfectly fine to post Andy's hot pics but we shall not be overly excessive with compliments,drooling and overexpressive paeansthat's how I've understood.
you understood perfectly. my comment was not about posting photos at all.

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