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Re: Male Player Bulges

Originally Posted by Offland View Post
Darling, I think they didn't mean any harm ,katYYZ is pretty accepting of Murrays qualities.Lets just enjoy this thread,no need to be bitter or irritated over such petty reason like differences in taste/preferances.But of course I understand it takes effort to post photos and screencap, I appreciate it greatly, on the other side they didn't tell you to stop^^
uh....well, what do you read into this post:
"there is a Murray forum, you know.

Look, I don't like to look at him, but he often "delivers" as far as the subject of this thread is concerned, so I'm not going to complain about Murray pics. But all this gratuitous gushing is just too much. Let's just stick to the thread topic so this can be a happy and welcoming place for everyone."

That is a strong hint to post no more of andy murray, and not turn this into a murray "gratuitous gushing" thread. in short pretty much telling me I shouldn't post pixes of Murray here.

NO NO NO NO NO NO........this thread is "Male Player Bulges". If a Murray pix shows his bulge....then I will do what I can to post it here (as well as others who are bulging).

There are no rules stated about proportion of bulge photo's per person, and really there shouldn't be.

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