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Re: DTT: Indian Wells

Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
maybe you should try and manage then?

This game died for half a year because nobody would manage, now we have a manager and you're critizing him.

Either help out or shut up with the critisism.

Everything will be sorted out, the manager had electricity problems Friday, and had prior commitments yesterday. Doubles haven't even started yet today.

But maybe he should have called his electricity company and told them to get their **** together? Or told his prior commitment yesterday that he had to cancel because he was managing an internet game? I'm sure that's what you would have done

I'm Sorry but manager critisism pisses me off especially the 2nd event back after this game went exstinct because of lack of managers
Thanks for support 156mphserve and Sonja1989 is very appreciated for me , I will try to give my best. Thanks a lot guys
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