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How to generate my own power?

I played a match at practice today and I lost 6-7 (4).

My opponent wasn't moonballing my shots back (ie. topsin); he was slicing them all back, with backspin.

I tried my best to move him, even though initially I was just hitting them towards the middle. My heart played a factor in the match outcome, but I feel what cost me the match was the fact that I couldn't finish the points. I couldn't generate my own power.

I'm currently still working out about three times a week. Compared to last year, I definitely feel that my shots and serves are harder and faster.

But, what else can I add to my routine that can help me generate my own power? If my opponents actually give me pace, then I can take the shots on the rise and return them with most of their pace back and some of my own. That's what a counter-pouncher does. But, if I get no pace, then I can't create pace.
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