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Re: What would your ideal ATP calender consist of?

Don't make the season so hardcourt heavy for starters. There should at least be a 50-50 split between hardcourt tournaments and natural surface events. Slow hardcourts should be scrapped for good, not only is the tennis boring but the surface is actually very dangerous to the player's health during and after their tennis career, leave the slow part of the season to clay where every event should be very slow, hardcourts should be either medium or fast.

We could start the season with some lead-up events to the AO, played on a medium hardcourt, then a neutral part of the season with 250/500 events on offer on all surfaces - what I mean is this stretch of the season shouldn't be surface heavy, but let players choose between playing hardcourt events, clay events or grass events every/most weeks. Let this stretch of the season go from early February until, say, Mid march, 6 weeks - you can get a good mix of different surfaces, conditions and speeds here.

Then scrap Indian Wells and Miami and start the clay season two/three weeks earlier: scrap Madrid, bring back Hamburg, make Monte Carlo compulsory. The clay should be slow of course, say like the clay in the Spain vs Argentina DC 2011 final. Three Masters, one Slam and some minor events, will see the clay season end at about the first week of June.

After that and until the end of July, grass court season: one (or two) grass Masters, some minor events and Wimbledon of course, 7/8 weeks of grasscourt season. Fast, low bouncing grass of course.

Then in August, minor events the first week, followed by the two Masters, a week rest and the US Open in the first fortnight of September. We could even give another week of warmup events and start the US Open in the second week of September. This stretch of the season should consist of quick/fast (but not lightningly fast) hardcourts.

October and November should be mostly dedicated to the indoor season (6 weeks) of course. We can alternate fast with medium pace indoor courts. 2 Masters here (but scrap Shanghai, horrible event) and the WTF to conclude the season of course.

Just some loose thoughts here

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