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Re: Rafachat - Vol. 80: It's comeback time baby!!! :rocker2:

Originally Posted by -Evita- View Post
No, he's not in the main draw in Miami. His only hope is a wild card.

Here's a nice article about Ernests and his new attitude towards tennis:

My favorite quote: "Right now if I would finish my career I would have a lot of regrets," he said. "I would be hearing all my life, 'He was a talented guy but never made it.' I want to be the talented guy who changed his mind and made it." I think I'll put that one in my signature.
Excellent quote!

Originally Posted by Commander Data View Post
I will post a pic of my cat then hemas baby can pack up and go home
Of course post the pic of your birdhunter cat! Have you seen mine?

Originally Posted by -Evita- View Post
Joe the Prodigy is still writing 'would of', even twice in one post
He's a prodigy after all.

Originally Posted by -Evita- View Post
Andreea I don't know about ice queen but she's a really girly girl, she likes all the pink stuff and a hundred things in her hair and has already had her nails painted once or twice. My sister is considering getting her ears pierced but my mom is strongly against it (for now) so it hasn't been done yet.

Anyway, she's not just pretty, she's smart as well She's at the top of her kindergarten class even though she's one of the youngest ones because she was born in December. With beauty and brains she should have success in life indeed

Oh, and did I tell you that the twins are continuing with the BMX? They'll be competing in Germany this summer and maybe also in a race in Belgium. Too bad they can't go to New Zealand for the world championships.
Great news! And your niece looks absolutely gorgeous, fabulous hair! *sigh, I used ot have fabulous hair too, going to sob now *

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