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Re: Roger news and articles

You are playing fewer tournaments this season and also skip the Davis Cup.

2012 was a really tough year for everyone on the tour. I barely had time to practice properly. There was nearly no break. That’s why I catch up on practice now and already prepare in order to be able to play a bigger schedule in 2014.
I've read that mention about 2014 several times and I really don't understand what he means :

does he really mean that he will play more in 2014 than this year as Kissakiss seems to guess ?

And then why what he makes in 2013 has an influence on that ?

Or does he mean he has to save energy to be able to still play in next years ?

Does he mean as several people said that 2013 is a transition year before 2014 ?

I really wonder about that

Also, as I always say, the main priority for him imo, after keeping a good health, esp. for his back, should be to stay in the top-4 because dropping out of the top-4 would be very dangerous for his chances to win slams and then for his motivation.

And this is already in danger in 2013, then I hope he cares about 2013 enough, I don't understand the idea of having a transition year at 31 years old : he will not get younger in next years

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