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Re: L.A.: Djokovic and Sampras lose against the Bryans

Originally Posted by Nole fan View Post
Your mum is awesome.
Mine would never do something like that.

By the way, was Nole getting as much love and attention from the fans as the articles say? how was his reception there?
She has great courage, and she has superb talking skills like she always knows what to say in every situation. Again, there were almost 10,000 people there and out of everyone she snuck in to hug him and chat with him for a bit. It was awesome.

As for the attention when Djokovic came out, it was amazing. The crowd was going crazy. You have to know that half of the people in the stadium were Serbian. Everywhere I went, people were speaking Serbian and carrying flags, wearing custom made shirts, little girls wore Serbian tootoo's. It was an amazing experience. Justin is a great organizer cause he knew the Serbian community in LA is huge and he knew he'd have a great even if he could bring Nole. Nole is a legend for doing it. The only thing that was annoying was Rainn Wilson from the show "The Office" was guest referee during the doubles match and from the start he was really annoying the Bryan Brothers because he kept picking on them like calling them robots, making farting noises every time one of the bryan brother's would serve and he even called one of them weird which was extremely rude. He also insulted Sampras on a few occassions and called him a 64 year old man in which case Sampras proceeded to serve two aces in a row, I believe. However, he knew better than to insult Djokovic because Djokovic was hilarious the whole night and one time one of the Bryan brothers tried to one up Djokovic and Djokovic did something even funnier so Rainn knew better haha
Even someone from the arena shouted: "just let them play, man" and Rainn responded "yeah, whatever dude" Justin knew it was a big mistake to let him up there

One of the Bryan brothers (I always mix them up) grabbed the Mic and tried to get Rainn to step down so he called Bruce Willis to come to the chair, but Bruce wasn't having it as even he felt awkward with Rainn up there. Everyone gave Bruce a standing ovations and were chanting his name. Bruce later said that Djokovic is an amazing young man who has a world of opportunity ahead of him and will continue to see success. He even took pictures and chatted with him after the match.

Overall, it was a great tournament. The net came down once after Haas smashed the ball into it, so during the delay they brought down kids from the crowd to hit some shots while they set up a new net. The only major downfall was that they had to shorten up the matches because of that and then at the end of the match the lights went out when Djokovic and Sampras were winning, so the Bryan brothers took advantage of that and that's the only reason they won. Other than that, Djoko and mainly Sampras was just killing it on the court just absolutely demolishing and smashing every ball he got. He truly is a living legend. Djokovic said he wants to make it a seasonal thing and that he's willing to come back next year. However, I think he was annoyed at the end after Rainn Wilson and the lights going out (where he could have gotten injured during the super tie breaker but he still decided to play). I hope he comes back next year, I'm getting the V.I.P tickets then I don't even care about the money
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