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Re: Your Tennis DVD/Video websites

Here is a list of matches that I have:

Edberg vs Lendl 85 Australian Open
Lendl vs Agassi 88 US Open
Agassi vs Connors 89 US Open
Lendl vs Agassi 89 US Open
Chang vs Lendl 89 French Open Semifinal
Agassi vs Edberg 90 Lipton Final
Agassi vs Becker 90 US Open Semifinal (from end of 3rd set)
Chang vs Connors (about 2 sets) 91 French Open
Courier vs Martin (starts in 2nd set) 91 French Open 4th round
Lendl vs Edberg 91 Australian Open
Agassi vs J McEnroe 91 (till 4-4 2nd set)
Sampras vs Martin 94 Australian Open Final
Edberg vs Damm 95 US Open
Agassi vs Edberg 95 US Open
Sampras vs Chang 96 US Open Final
Rafter vs Chang 97 US Open Semifinal
Rafter vs Rusedski 97 US Open Final
Martin vs Rusedski 99 Davis Cup
Henman vs Martin 99 Davis Cup
Agassi vs Martin 99 US Open Final
Hewitt vs Roddick 01 US Open (edited games during raindelay)
Sampras vs Agassi 01 US Open (from 3rd set tiebreaker)
Federer vs Sampras 01 Wimbledon
Agassi vs Rafter 01 Australian Open
Rafter vs Agassi 01 Wimbledon
Safin vs Kiefer 02 US Open (from 3rd set)
Sampras vs Roddick 02 US Open Quarterfinals
Sampras vs Shalken 02 US Open Semifinals
Roddick vs El Aynaoui 03 Australian Open quarterfinals
03 US Open Sampras Retirement Ceremony
Gonzalez vs Chang 03 US Open and retirement ceremony
Moya vs Baker 03 US Open 1st round (1st set and then various games televised)
Haas vs Mello (from 3-4 2nd set to 3-2 3rd set)
Roddick vs Malisse(from early 2nd set)
El Aynaui vs Nalbandian 03 US Open
Martin vs Ginepri 03 US Open 3rd round
Dent vs Gonzalez 03 US Open(pieces shown on usa)
Roddick vs Malisse 03 US Open 4th round (missing 1st set)
Nalbandian vs El Aynaui US Open Quarterfinals
Agassi vs Coria 03 US Open Quarterfinals
Roddick vs Nalbandian 03 US Open Semifinals
Ferrero vs Agassi 03 US Open Semifinals
Roddick vs Ferrero 03 US Open Finals
Safin vs Roddick 04 Australian Open Quarterfinal
Safin vs Agassi 04 Australian Open (stops at 2-1 in the 5th set)
Martin vs Canas 04 Wimbledon (profile and 5th set only)
Federer vs Karlovic 04 Wimbledon (alternated coverage with Hewitt vs Moya)
Hewitt vs Moya 04 Wimbledon (alternated coverage with Federer vs Karlovic)
Ancic vs Henman 04 Wimbledon Quarterfinals (from 6-6 1st set to 1-1 3rd set)
Roddick vs Ancic 04 Wimbledon Semifinal (from 4-4 2nd set)
Federer vs Roddick 04 Canada AMS (till 2-2 2nd set)
Hyrbati vs Federer 04 WSFG 1st round
Agassi vs Ginepri 04 US Open 1st round
Haas vs Grojean 04 US Open
Agassi vs Mayer 04 US Open 2nd round
Agassi vs Sargisian 04 US Open 3rd round
Roddick vs Canas 04 US Open 3rd Round
Roddick vs Nadal 04 US Open 4th round (ends at 4-4, 40-15 3rd set)
Hewitt vs Haas 04 US Open Quarterinals(1st 2 sets, 1-0 3rd set)
Johansson vs Roddick 04 US Open quarterfinals
Hewitt vs Johansson 04 US Open semifinals (missing 2nd set and start of 3rd)
Federer vs Hewitt 04 US Open Final
Moya vs Roddick 04 Davis Cup Final
Henman vs Coria 04 Masters Cup Houston
Roddick vs Safin 04 Masters Cup Houston
Federer vs Safin 04 Masters Cup Houston
Hewitt vs Roddick 04 Masters Cup Houston
Federer vs Hewitt 04 Masters Cup Houston
Swingtime Charity Event 04
Federer vs Santoro 05 Australian Open 1st round
Roddck vs Labaze 05 Australian Open 1st round
Roddick vs Rusedski 05 Australian Open 2nd round
Roddick vs Melzer 05 Australian Open
Hewitt vs Nadal 05 Australian Open
Hewitt vs Naldbandian 05 Australian Open
Safin vs Federer 05 Australian Open Semifinal
Safin vs Hewitt 05 Australian Open Final
Federer vs Fish 05 Indian Wells 2nd round
Roddick vs Novak 05 Indian Wells 3rd round
Agassi vs Pavel 05 Indian Wells 3rd round
Federer vs Muller 05 Indian Wells 3rd round
Dent vs Safin 05 Indian Wells 3rd round
Canas vs Henman 05 Indian Wells (missing game and a half from 4-3, 30 all to 5-4 in 2nd set)
Roddick vs Gonalez 05 Indian Wells
Hewitt vs Roddick 05 Indian Wells Semifinal(missing end of 1st set tiebreak and restarts at 5-4 2nd set. thanks a lot espn)
Federer vs Hewitt 05 Indian Wells Final

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