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Re: L.A.: Djokovic and Sampras lose against the Bryans

Originally Posted by CrazyForNole View Post
It was amazing. So many celebrities. I even got to sneak passed security and got on the court after the game but I couldn't approach Djokovic because Bruce Willis was taking photos with him
My mom though, snuck into VIP and hugged Djokovic and gave him a letter with my phone number on it, I'm waiting for his phone call
She's done this before I have no idea how she does it; she should have been a spy. The security thought she was one of the moms of the folklore kids that Djokovic was backstage with, amazing haha

Anyhow, I'm off to school will give full rapport later tonight
Your mum is awesome.
Mine would never do something like that.

By the way, was Nole getting as much love and attention from the fans as the articles say? how was his reception there?

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