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Re: Post Pics of Tennis players with their girlfriends or wives

Originally Posted by Kezzi View Post
And imo Carine is very cute. Just because she wears torn jeans, simple sweaters and shirts and doesn't seem to use make up, doesn't mean she's not cute. Not everyone has the same perception of beauty. Carine's simplicity makes her beautiful. I love her for not being what almost everyone seems to expect from a tennis wag.
You and me both, love Carine just the way she is. The messy hair, the no make-up face, the generic old sweater and torn jeans. I'm sure she is aware that the camera catches her on courtside when she's watching Gilles' match. She doesn't seem to give much of a thought to it. I don't know about you, but I think that's a sign of her being confident in her natural way and not a care of the world about how she'll be perceived by strangers. I'm not saying that looking impeccable every time on camera like Tipsy's wife is, is any negative, not at all, it is just a different way of expressing oneself. They both look confident in my eyes. People who judge others merely by their appearances should really learn to open their eyes and appreciate beauty at the broadest sense, not just superficially.
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