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Re: Post Pics of Tennis players with their girlfriends or wives

Originally Posted by lalaland View Post
Maybe Grenouille doesn't mean it as a bashing, you don't know that unless you are in her head. But you are imposing your value on her word for sure. Are you suggesting that saying someone is fat is a bashing? Why? Is being fat a bad thing? It is only a bashing if you think being fat is bad. Maybe you should reconsider your own value that seems to prejudice against fat then. Carine is not cute, so what, beauty is more than just for the eyes to see. Some of us actually can see past the exterior to find inner beauty. So Roger's wife is fat and Gilles' companion is not cute, is that a bad thing? that doesn't make them any less good a person as they are, no? unless you don't see it that way which is quite possible.
And imo Carine is very cute. Just because she wears torn jeans, simple sweaters and shirts and doesn't seem to use make up, doesn't mean she's not cute. Not everyone has the same perception of beauty. Carine's simplicity makes her beautiful. I love her for not being what almost everyone seems to expect from a tennis wag.

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