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Re: Post Pics of Tennis players with their girlfriends or wives

Originally Posted by Sophitia36 View Post
OK, first I'd like to point out that you seem to have forgotten about my conclusion:
"BTW I'm not saying that liking child-like women is wrong, and liking curvy women is right. I'm just explaining why some people might react like Gustavo Kuerten and have the feeling that the reason why many people love Asian women, and why he doesn't like them, is that their appeal is often linked to their being "child-like".
(Also, I don't think that the appeal of Asian women for Westerners is based exclusively on that, but it is definitely a social trend that exists, it is not just a fantasy based on racist prejudice)"

You seem determined to get offended and dismiss everything I say as racist bullshit, and thus, you misinterpret it. You assume a number of things about me that are false (for instance, that I picked all that from "the media", or that I do not like Asian women).
Let me tell you a number of things. First, as a blue-eyed, blond Western girl, I have always thought Asian women were the most beautiful. When I was a child I was almost obsessed with the beauty of Asian women. Now I have grown to accept that there are as many types of beauty as there are people, but my fascination for Asian beauty is still there (that includes men, too, BTW). My brother lives in Japan, and has had several Japanese girlfriends, all of whom were beautiful and unique. One of my best friends is Japanese, too. So, no, I do not pick up these things exclusively from the media. I do know quite a lot of Asian (mostly Japanese) women and have discussed issues of gender with them.
And anyway, what if I did try to make an analysis based on the media? If there's one thing that tells you A LOT about any society, it is the media. The media both mould society and reflect it. That doesn't mean they are representative of everyday life or ordinary people, but the stuff you see in the media does not come out of the blue either.

Some people claim I'm saying the only "real women" are those who have curves. I say, read my posts better. I'm not saying that. I think that's discriminatory against all the women who are naturally skinny. But there is a reason why "curvy" girls are sometimes thought of as more feminine, and the less curvy ones as more "childlike" or "androgynous": because wider hips and bigger breasts are the most noticeable changes when you go through puberty... Simple as that. Now, did I say : "those who dismiss skinny women as unfeminine are right?" Hell no. I only pointed out that there was a basis for that misconception, it does not come out of nowhere.
I did not EQUATE Asian women to children either. Since you're a great reader you should be able to see the difference between saying that Asian women are perceived as childlike in the eye of Westerners, and saying they "are children". What I mean by the culture in Asia encouraging women to act more "childish" to be attractive, is true from a Western point of view. It's true that I did not make that clear in that particular sentence.

Basically, I'm just trying to try and explain what goes on in Westerners' minds. People seem to misunderstand me and claim I'm racist or biased or trying to say some women are not "real women" or whatever. I'm not. I'm just trying to explain why some people perceive things in a certain way.

Of course it's easier to dismiss them by saying they're just racist, biased, and that what they believe is completely irrational with no basis whatsoever.
But you use the terms "racist" and "stereotypes" as if they were self-evident, and I'm telling you, those matters are far more complex. I am interested in trying to understand how they work, that's all. Well, anyway, sorry for trying to bring up those discussions on a tennis forum. My mistake.

EDIT : If anyone is genuinely interested in this discussion, here are a few articles or books that show I'm not making these things up. I do not think these researchers are biased, racist Westerners who know nothing about Asian women. I am prepared to believe that this phenomenon is limited to Japanese culture, though, I do not know how much it has influenced other Asian societies.
I would like to point out that you are equating Asian women to Japanese women. Japanese culture or trend may have influence in Asia but definitely not a representation of Asia.
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