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Re: Is the world getting better?

its almost impossible to find reasonable priced clothes not made in some asian sweat shop

almost everyone is so ignorant about it- some 4 year old chid working 18 hour days for 10p to make a pair of nike that sells for $100 and people pay it like the sheep that they are


im trying to eat free range food as much as possible- and trying to buy clothes made in england- im doing this so that all the money i make can go back into the british economy and that british businesses can make some money too- its way tougher than it needs to be

i honestly think if i have children they wont live to old age because america will cause a world war to keep its empire and stop china from rivaling them

theres not a damn thing i can do to stop it- i think the book of revelation in the bible is coming true

God is Love. To know Love is to know God. So ask yourself if you hold any hate for another in your heart how can you have room for Love, room for God
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