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Re: Is the world getting better?

I have a positive outlook towards the world, but when people steal YOUR bike, its hard to be so positive >:[.

Honestly though I'd say certain parts of the world are doing alright. I feel U.S will go up. While Middle East may simmer down, the less the U.S is involved. Europe will continue to be in a down ward spiral as well, until they can figure out their exports vs imports as well as maybe excommunicating Greece for a while , seriously though, someone with a phd in economics needs to run Greece.

I believe the Israel/Palestinian conflict will still see bloodshed and violence, till both sides can have two new liberal progressive leaders willing to put aside religious differences and actually TALK in a civilized setting. Camp David 2001 was SHIT, so one-sided and not well organized. Something of this matter needs to be done again to maybe achieve peace.

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