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Re: Is the world getting better?

Originally Posted by Time Violation View Post
Tbh, USA set an example for that long time ago, they also don't care/ignore whatever they choose to, and nobody has power over them. Good/bad guys concept is also long gone
Sure thing. USA will go down from their previous position as superpower. I guess some people will be happy about that thinking China is a more kind ruler and a better "world police". Many people rooted for the Soviets and communism during the cold war too.

Truth is we don't know what would happen with another "winner". US, EU has done quite well the past decades. Things have been fairly stable for some time.

I think it's more potential for things to become more unpredictable and heat up, especially during the transition period when US budget cuts forces them to withdraw much of the international commitments (not just military ones) and China and India still have so much growing pains from fast economic growth and aren't ready to take up the badge as new "sheriff in town". EU will also be crippled by all the fail countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc) and be forced to clean up their own house.
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