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Re: Is the world getting better?

Originally Posted by sexybeast View Post
The US launched nuclear bombs when they were the only ones with the bomb, since then it has become impossible to use these bombs. What do you think Stalin, Hitler or the japanese empire would have done if they had the nuclear bomb? They would have wiped out their enemies, once city after the other. .
I get the feeling you are reading selectively. All this speculation about what other states would have done had they acquired the nukes before the US are just that, speculations. Fact is, they didn't and even after they acquired nukes (though as you said this might largely be due to nuclear deterrents) they did not use them. The US did, and then a few days later, they did it again.

Originally Posted by sexybeast View Post
I mean US dropped nuclear bomb on an enemy who had dropped biological weapons on civillians all over China, killing 10 milion people in that war alone. Sovjet union killed many more than the US in their brutal invasion of Nazi Germany. Even England bombed the hell out of Dresden killing as many people as the atomic bombs in that attack but unlike Hiroshima and Nazaki this city was destroyed without any purpose.
you have a serious double standard mate, who are you to decide that certain bombings have a purpose and others don't? I'm sure if you were Russian you would be arguing the complete opposite of what you are arguing now..

Originally Posted by sexybeast View Post
All I got to say is thank god the US got the bomb first, as I said the lesser evil among the powers of the world. Good guys, they are not and maybe it does not make it OK but you need to get over the idea that US is uniquely corrupt and evil compared to other superpowers that have been or will come.
ugh the uniqueness about the US is not it's corruption, it's the fact that everyone goes along with it. Other countries doing the exact same thing would have been condemned or worse invaded and rendered helpless, and rightly so I might add. And please stop trivialising deaths of people.

Originally Posted by sexybeast View Post
One illegal war which was against Iraq, one partly legitimate war against Afghanisthan that was prolonged too long, way too long (should have wiped out Al Quaida and gone out of there immediately). US has the world's largest military and bases all over the world which means they have power to start wars overseas, doesnt mean they are nuts, someone who is nuts act completely illogical and I think even if the war in Iraq did not suit US interests it did suit the interests of individuals who planned the war, wether it be the war industry, the oil industry, israeli lobby or any other force that was decisive in pushing the buttons for US to invade the war. It suited their industry, Enron got oil contracts in IRaq, Israel got Saddam wiped out, military complex got bigger
About illegal wars, China has illegaly occupied Tibet for 60 years and killing hundreds of thousands of people there. Afganisthan will be left to be dominated by their talibans in 1-2 years when the US leaves but Tibet will forever be dominated by the han chinese, soon probably replaced aswell.
The behaviour of the US government (and yes of the UK before, and most likely the Romans and Egyptians before, ie every superpower) is that of a selfish state which is interested in having as much power as possible, regardless of the consequenses, either to others, or even their own people.

You rightly name Tibet, which is an atrocity. The list of similar atrocities by the US however is so much longer. Cuba, Haiti, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, just to name a few.

Originally Posted by sexybeast View Post
World government controlled by super lobbyists, banks and the media moghuls, far away from any of the real problems they invent solutions for? World government who attack any rebells who want to break free from this empire? You gotta be kidding me, that is plain and simply tyranny. There is no popular backing to this even if they will want to shove it in our guts, there will be no way to control power when a few have so much power over distribution of money.

Yeah, break down cultures, languages, unique traits of different regions and create one hybrid people who listen to Idol, eat Mcdonalds and drink Cocacola, speak english and all listen to the same propaganda. How wonderful, this brave new world of yours. Such easy sheep to control, so much power at the hands of a few.

Why you think small countries like Switzerland who doesnt take part of big unions (Nato, EU) without natural resources are so rich and have never fought in wars? Why you think Iceland recovered so fast from their economic meltdown? Why you think only small countries like Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zeeland, Norway and Denmar are at the top of low corruption rankings?

Dont give a few too much power or you are bound for catastrophy.
So many assumptions...what you describe sounds pretty much like the world today tbh. You are completely contradicting yourself in the last sentence, because that is exactly what happens to the US.

I said that we are not yet ready for this, but it is also an inevitability. Cultures and languages are already breaking down, globalization will lead to this.


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