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Re: Good gym program for tennis?

Um, when I used to train for tennis, the majority of my training was cardio stuff. Biking, running, swimming are all very good for tennis. One specific exercise while running is to do a lot of quick bursts of sprinting followed by periods of normal running since it mimics the quick bursts you need on the court while allowing you to build endurance and develop stamina.

As far as weights are concerned, I wouldn't use any for your legs, I think it is unnecessary as you can do much more beneficial things with your time instead of doing leg presses or whatever (your legs will be fit and fine if you have a good cardio regimen). Doing various wrist, forearm, bicep, tripcep and shoulder weight lifting drills would be much more beneficial. Also, you should really vary what you work on and not focus on anything as you will want to stay lean instead of bulking up obviously.

Also, finding workouts that strengthen your core is heavily important as well. The one drill I used to do is take a medicine ball and swing your upper body side to side if you don't have a partner, or tossing it to a partner switching off each side if you do have someone to train with. That is a very good drill overall is it helps building essential muscle groups for hitting a tennis ball.

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