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Originally Posted by coluta View Post
Nole tweeted this today. And I love the couple hugging in the distance:

bebeleche, rayela, piko, klasy, amarelinha, passjum, la marelle, hopscotch... so many names for this game!

That's fantastic! I learned from your comments that in Mexico they call this game "bebeleche", in Spain "Rayela", in Philippines "piko", in Poland "Klasy", in Brazil "amarelinha", in Italy "il gioco della settimana", in Romania "Sotron", in Malta "passjum", in France "La Marelle", and in English it is "hopscotch". In my country we call it "skolica" which means "little school". I'm so glad to hear that many of you played it when you were kids, and even now! I wish new generations would also play more in parks and schoolyards instead of playing mainly video games at home.

Another game I played a lot when i was kid is football and that's why I'm so excited to go to watch it live tonight! I'm on my way to Milano now. I'll post some photos from the game later! Forza Milan!

That's such a weird activity. What's so funny about jumping on some squares? I never really got that as a kid.
But I guess people asked the same question when I was hitting tennis balls at my garage door.

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