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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
omg Aisha pics

she looks so tiny and cold
Oh, Mikey, she is!

Last night, I stayed up late playing sudoku in bed and she came to me and got really close to me and just trembled. I put the covers over her, and she never allows that, but she let it happen and just laid there as close to me as she could get. I put down the puzzle and just laid with her and finally she stopped trembling. But when I turned out the light she somehow got spooked and ran away.

And this morning as I was waking up, I was sleeping on my side and she somehow managed to get her foot between my arms and leverage herself so that she was sort of lying vertically pressed up against me. I didn't even want to wake up and get up because she wanted to be close to me.

And now I am going to be leaving her. I think I will have to leave the heat turned up so that she's not freezing at night.

But she feels so deliciously soft. It's amazing.
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