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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt3)

Originally Posted by savesthedizzle View Post
To anyone watching the Oscars this weekend...

I just found out that someone I used to dance with is dancing in the opening number Since I don't know what he's doing it's impossible for me to say who he is so that any of you will know which dancer is him, but still
Post as soon as you know because I don't think we get it live , and then I will know who to look for.

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
I will likely miss the Oscar.

I missed the flight by a few minutes. The stewards kept asking people to stay at their seat if Chicago were their final destination but of course everyone in front of us cleared up before we could move and we were at the back of the almost full plane. Plus we were landed in one end of concourse B and the other plane was in concourse C which we had almost run all the way plus up and down escalators because the concourses were connected by an underground walkway.

edit: I used we because a guy seat next to me was on the same connection flight.

So I ended up in a later flight which of course would not be in the same terminal/concourse. This time I had to walked up and down narrow steps to catch the shuttle bus. It was a very small plane. My seat on the plane is the aisle seat 3rd row in front of the lavatory. At first the window seat next to me was empty but then a huge guy moved up to that one before the flight took off. After he sat down, the arm between the seats was pushed to my side so I had to lean more to the aisle and got my shoulder bumped by every passengers who visited the loo.

Because of the dash to try to catch my flight, my thighs are very sore and the only shoes I bought with me are the boots I wore which made blisters on both heels
In the olden days the flight attendants made people up front trade seats with those of us trying to make a connection. That was when everyone was still amiable on flights. Probably if they tried that now a fistfight would break out or something.

Anyway I am glad you arrived. Probably driving to Canada this summer looks like a nice trip.
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